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Gallery D: A Wrinkle in Time

quicktime 5 free playerYou will need the free QuickTime Plugin to view the QuickTime VRs on this site. Download QuickTime for Macintosh or Windows here.

Wrinkle in Time 1

The Narrows Bridge

The Original Event. A spontaneous, global, panoramic imaging event, involving over 100 participants and five continents. A spur-of-the-moment movement with only 5 days' lead time, encapsulating the world as we foolhardy band of panographers knew it at 9am, December 21st, 1997, Hawaii Standard Time (3am Perth Time!).

Wrinkle in Time 2

The Valley of the Giants

The Second Wave. A global snapshot in time, involving over 100 photographers and six continents, celebrating the global equinox, March 20th, 1998. This page displays our three Western Australian panorama submissions for this event, plus six extra panos we shot along the way at the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Wave Rock, and Lake Cave.

Wrinkle in Time 3

Nambung National Park

The Third Wave. Panoramas shot on 21st June, 1998, to synchronise with the Global moment of Solstice and other international 'fellow wrinklers'. We captured a 'High Noon' Wave and other daytime panos at The Pinnacles, and our nighttime, 'Synch Shoot' in the home of friends in the Perth multimedia industry.

Wrinkle in Time 4

King's Park Wildflower Festival

The Fourth Wave. 23rd September, 1998. To synchronise with the moment of Global Equinox, we photographed a panorama of Kangaroo Paws (Native Western Australian Fowers) down a bush track in Kings' Park, Perth, WA. Later in the day, we shot a scene at the Kings' Park Wildflower Festival, in a field of Pink Everlasting Daisies.

Wrinkle in Time 5

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Fifth Wave. December 22nd, 1998. On the anniversary of the first Winkle in Time, we all decided to 'Wrinkle Again'. Synch Shoot Pano of Sydney Harbour Bridge and later in the day, a group of Australian QTVR practitioners at a barbecue. This page also features other scenes and panos from our New South Wales trip.

Wrinkle in Time 6

The Little Mermaid

The Sixth Wave. March 21st, 1999. We were in the studio all day, preparing and shooting object movies for Barb to take with her to demonstrate at Digital Media World in Sydney. We had no time to leave the building to shoot a pano, and all the tripods were either supporting the video camera or the lights, so here is the object movie we were shooting at Synch Time, instead.

Wrinkle in Time 7


The Seventh Wave. June 22nd, 1999. A night-time Synch Shoot, at 3.49am. The Topic: "Workers". We thought we'd photograph the inside of our current office/studio, since we're often up working at that hour. With an hour to go to Synch Time, feeling very tired, we set the alarm, and put our heads down 'for a short nap'. So, of course, we slept through it. The first wrinkle we'd ever missed.....

Wrinkle in Time 8

Waylen Bay Scout Hall

The Eigth Wave. 23rd September, 1999. To synchronise with the moment of Global Equinox, we photographed a panorama of Scouts at Waylen Bay Scout Hall, Applecross, Western Australia. It was a lively event. To find out more, follow the link above...

Wrinkle in Time 9

King's Park and Perth by Night

The Ninth Wave. 22nd December, 1999. To celebrate the Summer Solstice in rare conjunction with a Lunar Perigee, and the second anniversary of The Wrinkle in Time events, we photographed the Moon over the City of Perth from King's Park. To find out more, follow the link above...

Wrinkle in Time 2000

The Tenth Wave. 1st January, 2000. To celebrate the end of the century and the birth of the New Year, over 150 panographers around the world shot a QuickTime VR in the first 24 hours of the year 2000. To see and hear our candidate and link to the Wrinkle 2000 web mirrors, follow the link above...

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