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A Virtual Tour of The Moore River
at Guilderton, Western Australia.

October 1999

This tour is a series of 3 linked QuickTime VR Panorama nodes. When the tour has fully downloaded, you will see the QuickTime VR panorama window on the left, above, and the interactive map above right. To travel virtually through these scenes on the Moore River, click on the panorama with your mouse and drag left or right, up or down, within the opening scene. The arrow marker in the map shows which panoramic node in the series you are viewing, and the approximate direction you are facing.

You can view the other two nodes in the tour by two methods:
1. Click on one of the two red dots (node markers) on the map, or
2. As you pan within the QTVR movie, your cursor will change to a hollow arrow to indicate a 'clickable hotspot'. Scrolling over the hotspot will reveal information about that node in the controller bar below. A click on the hotspot will take you to the next node.

The controller bar also has 'zoom in', 'zoom out' and 'show hotspots' controls.

About Guilderton and The Save The Moore River Campaign.
Information courtesy of the Guilderton Community Association.

The Location: Guilderton is a small coastal community situated on the north shore of the Moore River. It has a tranquil atmosphere and is popular among retirees and family holiday makers. The major attractions of the area are the river and its relatively untouched southern foreshore. Fishing and canoeing are particularly popular. The sandbar at the river mouth is broken by both winter rains, and summer groundwater buildup which comes from Silver Creek (an estuary wetland) and underground flow.

The Issues: The Moore River Company (Plunkett's) wants to develop bush land at the mouth of the Moore River, 80kms north of Perth. A town the size of Kwinana is planned for the southern foreshore of the Moore River. It will cover 557 hectares and follow the river foreshore for 1.8kms and the beach front for 3.3kms. The company owns an additional 2100 hectares which takes in another 3kms of ocean front and stretches across Wanneroo Road.

The Moore River Company plans to develop a community of 13,500 people. They plan to site tourist resorts and residential blocks only 50 metres from the river and coastal forehsore.

The Guilderton Community Association is a group of permanent residents and regular visitors concerned about the future of the Guilderton area and its river. The development will forever change the essence of this small community, increasing its size twelvefold. It will also increase the river's pollution problems. The river already has a high nitrogen content and suffers algal blooms in late summer.

Further Information:
1. The Friends of Moore River Estuary website.
2. The Moore River Tours company Protect The Moore River page, and their Schools Program page for the rehabilitation of the Moore River.

Tech Specs: We used a Canon EOS 620 with the 17mm end of a 17-35mm Rectilinear Sigma lens, mounted on a Kaidan QuickPan Magnum Tripod Head. VR stitching, hotspots and multinode linking were done with The VR Worx's integrated Panorama and Scene modules, postproduction with Photoshop 5.0. The map of Guilderton was hand drawn and painted using a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and MetaCreations' Painter 6.0. The Virtual Tour with interactive markers assembled with mapsaVR from The Squamish Media Group. Post-production optimization for web delivery done with VR Tools' deliVRator.

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